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Hello! Just listened to Motonian Escape some of my favorites were Propulsion Cruise, Cloud 5, B-Side Girl and my most favorite was Prequel. Enjoyed listening!

Such talent, can't wait to hear more! So proud of you! <3

Great sounds! wouldn't expect anything less. Art work looks fun and the website re-vamp is amazing, totally you. Your hard work always pays off, can't wait to hear these tunes playing in a swanky bar or club : ) G

The new site looks great!! I Can't wait for my special song to come out this year. It's epic and I know many will agree. Lots of love-MJ

WOW! Such a snazzy site!!! I truly enjoyed perusing your site, popping my fingers to all of your songs, and at the same time being fascinated by the time and energy that you put into it. Your passion for your art is so inspiring!! I wish you endless success as your journey continues....

The CDs all sound great and I am really enjoying this website. Congrats on it all and let me know when you have some more to share-

Great stuff! Got the CD and will be enjoying them at home and in my car. Congrats!

Hey Dude I got your CD from Daniela and its good stuff I really enjoy it

love ur new album n ur newly site rob, congrats !!

I love your CD. I can put it on and work away or just relax. Congrats!!!! Wish you all the success in the world.

Odyssey of a G is absolutely great!! fabulous work and i cant wait to hear more from you! :)

Your creations stand out because you are an extremely talented individual but more importantly because your dedication and passion create them. Love the EP Album. I'm very proud of you

A little late, but congratulations on the CD and updated website. Your hard work paid off and you are truly talented. I can't wait for the next CD.

All the hard work and no sleep have truly paid off. Love the site and your music!!

O to the G - you did a great job with this site! I love the look, layout and color scheme. It looks very clean-cut and professional. Thank you for sharing with us your studio - loving the black and white shots. I've said it before - your artistry is amazing! One Love!

You are truly one of a kind and I mean that in a good sense. You are one who has many talents.

I loove the music and your website.....im so proud at all u are doing for yourself.....luvs ya

Odyssey of a G is a mellow blend of acoustics with a sprinkle of new age vibe. Perfect for social BBQs or studying. The smooth and upbeat tempo keeps spirits high. I've been rocking the CD every weekend on my Manhattan Beach patio with friends. Seems like everyone is trying to take my only copy! Odyssey of G is a keeper!!! The track Sunset Drive is my favorite. Cheers.

Good stuff man congrats on finishing this, yet it is just the beginning.

Congratulations RG. I know this took a lot of hard work and dedication. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Congrats and best of luck with everything! Your website looks really good and what I've heard sounds great.

congrats on breaking on through to the other side.