Matrix connected.  Motonian course plotted.  Enjoy your flight 04-19-16!!

Offline matrix left call hanging.....connection re-established, material coming soon.  Enjoy the new website layout!

The album is now officially released...available through CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon!  Hope everyone enjoys the album!!!

Mastering for The Hillside Dreams completed earlier this month with the help of Dave Greenberg (Sonopod Mastering).  Many thanks to Dave

The only instrumentation used was a Cwejman S1mk2 and Cwejman Modular.  An Xbase 999 was used on the last track for percussion. Primary sequencers used were a Roland MC-4B and Manikin Schrittmacher.

Tentative release date is set for June 21, 2011.  Stay tuned...

Physical 'replicated' CDs are now available through CD Baby :)  Should be on Amazon shortly.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and welcome to 2011!!  Just a few updates,  

The "Transitions" album has been available as a Digital ONLY release and after much debate I've decided to press a few copies :)  

The EP album Transitions is now available.  A Digital ONLY release currently available at CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.  It's a small collection of Ambient and Lounge Electronica tracks perfect for that end of day wind down.

Mastering for the EP album has been completed.  Thanks to John Scrip of Massive Mastering!!!

Release info will be be made available soon.


All the songs for the The Hillside Dreams (T.H.D.) album have been mixed and re-worked before shelfing the project.  One of the songs may be scrapped as I didn't like the final version (even after I had recorded 4 different versions).  If it is scrapped I'll make it available via the website with my notes to check out and download for free.  Maybe you can record a better version on your modular set-up ;)


EP album "Transitions" is soon to be mastered.  It's a collection of 5 songs mostlyAmbient, 2 of which are Lounge Electroncia w/percussion.  

After much deliberation, recording for The Hillside Dreams (T.H.D.) album has ceased.   Currently a collection of nine completed songs, some over 7min. long.  A little hard to classify these works, they have an Ambient feel but could also pass as tracks used for a sci-fi film/scene specific.  That's my take on it anyhow :)  These likely wont be released till sometime next year given the timing of the EP album and budgetary constraints.

Stay tuned for updates on "Transitions".


Work on the new album (tentatively titled “t.h.d.") is already underway.  Whereas the 1st album had a ‘loungy’ chill factor with percussion instruments, the 2nd album is going to take the setting of more an ambient ‘soundscape’ feel.  At least I hope so :)


Copies of the album are now available at CD Baby.  Please visit the BUY section for further details.  Further digital distribution to iTunes, Amazon, and other stores will be made available soon as the album filters through the network chain.

All comments/feedback welcomed about the album.  Checkout the BLOG section, I'm interested in your thoughts and leave comments on CD Baby if you like the album.

Replication finished on 1/4/10.  CDs will be made available soon with links on the website.  Note the official 'release' date for the songs are documented as 12/15/09. 

Work on the Odyssey Element 7619-02 album (Lounge Electronica w/percussion instrumentation) wrapped up end of November09.  Mastering was done by John Scrip of Massive Mastering.  CD packaging/design by OdysseyG with the help of Dark Star Productions. Replication will be handled by Oasis Disc Manufacturing.

Many Thanks To: John Scrip; Greg Starosky (Dark Star) helping with the CD art/layout and putting up with my revisons; David Bien on camera/photo shoots; Donna w/Oasis disc; Shawn (Analoguehaven).

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